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Alien loves predator speed dating

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They are maybe the best alien badasses ever brought to the silver screen, and one day while cruising for anything pred, I stumbled on Alien LOVES Predator.

I’d only seen a blurry photo of him and had a brief online chat but he seemed decent enough.

And, in other posts, the author uses the strip to gripe about life.

It’s a crazy take on the two aliens Abe (Alien) and Preston (Predator), and the hijinks they get up to as two bachelors.

Many of the comics focus on Abe and Preston sitting around their apartment or walking the streets, commenting on New York City, baseball, or girls, with a rotating cast of extras like Bill Clinton, Jesus, or sentient body odors.

The tag-line is "In New York, No One Can Hear You Scream." Which, if you live here, you know is kinda true.