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Vmware update manager not updating Free lady boy chat

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To the best of my knowledge this started happening after I changed the resolution on the VM.

I changed it back, but the behavior hasn't gone away.

I just upgraded to v Center 6 and am trying to use the web client, however I'm running into one minor issue and one major issue and wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.

Minor Issue: The mouse will not work in the web console until the tools are installed.

Download the VMware v Center Server and modules for Windows VMware Downloads; this includes VMware Update Manager 6.5.

Mount the ISO and right click autorun.exe, click Run as administrator.

It's almost like the mouse alignment is too high, as when I right-click on the taskbar I get the context menu further up the screen like I clicked the desktop.

Consider the following prior to upgrading your servers to v Shpere 6.5: Cluster Remediation Options is the most important tab for the upgrade process.

DPM must be turned off, FT must be turned off, and HA admission turned off for cluster being updated to avoid any failovers while servers are being upgraded.

DO not check Parallel remediation especially for VSAN clusters unless you really know what you are doing but the risk outways the benefit by all means. The process will begin by placing servers ( single server at a time untill its fully upgraded and operational again ) from the cluster in maintenance mode after Vmotioning all running VMs and upgrading.

After verifying all servers are updated and operational, it would be best if VMware tools is upgraded on all VMs and VUM can be utilized to do the same.