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Consolidating units in hospitals

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Mayo Clinic chose the Austin facility for inpatient services because it “offers the best layout for the expansion of hospitals rooms, a larger intensive care unit and room for additional growth, making it the right choice for housing all of these services in one location.”“It’s no longer feasible to duplicate some of our most complex and expensive healthcare services in neighboring communities.

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Because the law relies so heavily on unfunded regulatory mandates to finance the benefit structure, it is obliged to strengthen the power of incumbent providers to prevent targeted competition from eliminating their profit centers.

The provisions of the law attempt to do so by: The President’s health care reform therefore represents a concerted attempt to prevent competition in various aspects of health insurance—including health benefits, provider networks, and cost.

With tight margins as the uninsured population grows and uncertainty as healthcare reform approaches, hospitals and physicians groups across the country are seeking merger opportunities.

In 2011, there were 86 hospital merger and acquisition deals, up from 77 in 2010, and 107 physician group merger and acquisition deals, up from 67 in 2010, according to Irving Levin Associates, Inc.