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You must decide which corps or regiment you want to join when you apply. You will also help keep the peace in places where there is conflict, and make sure that aid gets where it is needed.

Jobs include infantry platoon officer, artillery troop officer and pilot. makes sure that all branches of the Army have everything they need to operate effectively.

gather information about the enemy and pass it on to where it is needed.

You will also provide a link between soldiers out in the field and those back at base.

First off, even before we check the specific claims about each country, we have to note that this item presents a flawed premise.As an Army Officer, you will command, motivate and lead teams of men and women.You'll work in one of a variety of specialist corps and regiments.For a comparison of this nature to be valid, the two things being compared should be fairly equivalent outside of the factors being examined, but that isn’t the case here.The two countries mentioned here are so very different that this isn’t just a comparison of apples and oranges; it’s more like a comparison of apples and radishes.You will do this through a transport and distribution network.